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Claims Settlement

Settlement as Concept When someone watches a patient die a slow and painful death and/or watches the patient go through prolonged and agonizing care, the often heard statement is I would never go through that. I would refuse the care and just accept that this is the end. There is no sense in suffering when …

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Fit for Duty, but…still in Pain

Pain The final months of treatment in workers’ compensation sees the surgeon complete his/her role in the patient care. The management of residual symptoms has been referred to pain management. In the latter case, injections and physical therapies have been discontinued, and, ideally, a medication regimen has been determined that will assist the patient in …

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The Marriage of the Injured Worker

With some exception, such as abusive or unfaithful husbands, wives are initially, uniformly supportive after an injury. They move through the stages of shock and disbelief to marked concern and then, if recovery is not imminent, to depressed mood. Many wives of injured workers, however, thereafter become frustrated and angry. The wife either has have …

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What is Pain Management

Many of these injured individuals will have chronic and perhaps severe permanent pain. They often seem to float from one …
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Painful Thinking

Painful Thinking “Executive functions” is a global term that is used to describe our cognitive skills: our ability …
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Personality *traits* are patterns of thoughts and behavior that complicate social and occupational interaction. While these …
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