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Diagnostic Failure

Diagnostic Failure: “If a patient has pain, the authorized treating physician uses diagnostic tools and therapeutic approaches to treat the symptom. The patient does not determine causation, treatment, prognosis, or disability, and may be unaware of degenerative disc disease or a past partially torn rotator cuff. Diagnostic failure is less probable. Similarly, the patient may …

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Failure to Show…Failure to Comply

A failure to comply arises. A patient calls repeatedly and demandingly. He/she wants copies of all medical notes and records and then edits them for the smallest detail, calling attention to what he/she feels are inconsistencies and inadequacies. Management to avoid failure approaches include: a. Ask the patient to maintain copies of all medical records …

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Fear of Failure

Failure: Not all of those who fail to return to work are unmotivated or manipulative. So why do not the majority of the return to work? Assume for a moment that the employer does not have a position available within an employee’s physical limitations. Also assume that any replacement job would lack the seniority that …

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Preparedness for Psychological Care

The patient progresses well. He/she stops using excessive medication and often takes no medication at all. They understand …
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Foreign Speaking Patients

Alcohol is referred to as _an addiction of choice,_ in that it is a behavior chosen by an injured worker or disabled individual. …
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“Cynicism is an attitude or state of mind characterized by a general distrust of others’ apparent motives believing …
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