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Psychology of Injury, Pain, Anxiety and Depression


Being surveilled: ”We run quite a diagnostic risk when we take molecular examples of behavior and postulate that we have a significant finding. To wit, we have found the patient engaging in activities which we are certain demonstrates that they are not, in fact, that severely injured.  Someone is at the mall, and, therefore, s/he …

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Consequences: Attempting to keep all as events separate and distinct, in a complex life, is sometimes arbitrary. Do you want a divorce because of abuse or infidelity or compulsive gambling or drug use or his refusal to work?  The answer can be “yes.” I was asked recently if the patient were depressed or was it the …

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Opiate: In a complex fashion, should a patient decide to take a “drug holiday” and determine if s/he can function without or with less medication, then a mandated drug screen could “suggest” that the drug is being diverted (sold or given away). I had a patient on oxycontin, young man in severe pain.  He was …

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We enter life entirely dependent aside from vegetative functions. We cannot exist on our own, and this characterizes most living species. We oft-times terminate our existence by returning to that same position, reliant upon others for the same functions that we had learned to perform independently so many decades ago.  It is the curvilinear shape …

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Economic. The State lottery systems have shown us that people without a strong economic understanding can be easily separated from their money…as can recording artists and athletes.  The repercussions from a lack of financial wisdom has become legendary. Scale this down, and we see those who receive pay-outs as a result of litigation or financial …

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Foreign Born Workers

The following case history will be very familiar to most of you. This is a middle aged man, sustaining work-related back …
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"One Size Fits Few"

As I increasing perform pre-implant and pre-surgical psychological evaluations, I am struck by how varied are the symptoms …
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Probability: “When we do research, we run experiments to determine if what we do makes a difference. It not only must …
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