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Sleep: How do we deal with this low motivation example…he is late for most appointments, yet he insists that he very much wants to get back to work…what gives?”  Dr. Adams replies: “Is this patient sleeping sufficiently?  This can be critically important.  Adults need 7-9 hours per day. Sleep debt is the effect of not …

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 “Self-Diagnosis: Trust the Patient”  At times there appears to be a sprain-strain yearbook in which the subjective complaints of the patient are set aside.  Only objective findings are pursued.  In the absence of these objective findings, there is little if any credibility accorded to the patient’s fears that “something is really wrong, and they’re missing …

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Grieving: “A routine part of a psychological exam, at least my own, is to determine if the patient’s problems may be compounded by other and similar events.  One such event is the concept of loss. It is obvious that an injury results in loss of income, loss of mobility, loss of daily productive activities and …

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 “Golden Opportunity”    “In general, lost time is lost money to the average person.  In turn, they have the time for the transposition of physical complaints for financial benefit.  One patient referred to her amputation as “selling my body parts.”  In some sense, this is a readily understood opportunity.” Advertisers are well aware of their …

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Self-Deception – In psychoanalytic theory, a model that is rarely discussed today, is the concept of “regression in the service of the ego. “ This sounds weighty, but bear with me:  When we are under severe duress, stress, demand, to protect our emotional well being (our ego) we retreat to very primitive ways of thinking.  This …

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Assault Victims…and their recovery

There are work injuries that are the result of assault either by coworker or by someone committing a robbery. Husbands are …
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Police: I have consulted to police departments for decades. And the key differences are that police officers see their career …
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Awareness: A patient states that s/he has problems concentrating, making decisions, deriving any pleasure from life, has …
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