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Additional Law Suits and Future Goals

I often see patients who are involved in product (and other) liability law suits associated with their work-related injury. This may be a suit because of equipment failure or lack of equipment safeguards as well as other reasons for suit.

These patients appear to recover to a certain point, and while it appears that they are now ready to look at career/employment options, they suddenly stop progressing.

Some will candidly say that they are able to be productive but have been advised that this will diminish their potential amount from their suit.

Others will state that they really have no future plans and are relying upon this potential financial outcome to determine the course of their lives.

Thus, while they may not seek employment, they may engage in activities suggesting the capacity for employment. They may also begin looking at expensive items like homes and vehicles which they believe they may soon be able to afford.

All that can be reasonable done is recognize that this is what is occurring, explain to the patient that this is a conscious decision on their part which must be respected, but further care is not likely to be of benefit.

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