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The Pre-Surg Patient

pre-surgPre-surg: Patients are often silent because they are overwhelmed by the fear of the impending procedure, do not know how to structure a meaningful and clarifying question and chose to believe that surgery offers them a guarantee of complete resolution of pain.

Among the data that you need to have secured are:

a. Does this patient have any past surgical experience

b. Has any of the patient’s family or friends had injuries and/or procedures

c. What does the pre-surge patient perceive as “successful surgery”

d. What life adaptation will be needed and has the patient considered them

e. How heavily are financial burdens weighing on patient and family

f. How has the pre-surg patient’s role as a spouse and/or parent been altered

g. How has the family’s perceptions and treatment of the patient changed as a result of potential limitations

h. How compliant has the patient been with a fixed schedule of medication

i. How compliant has the patient been with diagnostic and conservative measures up to this point

In effect, a silent patient, about to undergo surgery is not necessarily a patient who understands the procure, is prepared for its aftermath and/or who will comply with post-surgical rehabilitation.


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