Category: The Sociology of Injury


Mis-Management: Many psychological complications arise from case mis-management when clear signs of emerging problems go unnoticed. Missing the need for psychological assistance can be decidedly easy and difficult to fault: a. The ATP (authorizing treating physician) can exclusively focus upon the physical pathology, limitations, functional capacity, and objective need for post-injury treatment. S/he can ignore any …

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Discarded patients: Several years ago, I passed the threshold of having seen 5,000 injured workers. Most of the patients recovered from both their injuries and the emotional consequences of the injury. However, there are a large number of these patients who remain deeply burned into my psyche and will forever be concerning, simply because they …

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The Mill

The Mill: I had a patient with a persistent headache and dizziness. He told his friend, a gastroenterologist, about the symptoms. The friend recommended “a colonoscopy and then maybe a neurologist.” Many are guilty of seeing the world solely through their own perspective, their mill. The breast cancer survivor wants to do charitable work in …

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Money: The patient’s focus upon the financial value of his/her claim adversely impacts psychological progress and should not be a focus of treatment. Here are three ways of conceiving the patient’s interest in the monetary value of an injury, and these, for some patients, are overlapping a. The patient has significant lost income over the …

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Police: I have consulted to police departments for decades. And the key differences are that police officers see their career choice, role, and stressors as unique to their form of work. Also, they see a specific structure of authority and a level of responsibility that is much less common outside law enforcement. The psychology of …

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Hypervigilance is a symptom. Vigilance is the ability to stay focused upon a task and/or concept for an extended period of …
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Contradiction “We read two of your consultation reports last month.  One said that the patient lost 20 pounds which was …
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Generalized Anxiety Anxiety is a milder form of fear, and as you know, fear is an essential emotion that protects us from …
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