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Questionable Behavior

Either to increase the effects of pain medication or to serve as a substitute for them, injured workers will sometimes use alcohol and marijuana to self-medicate. Alcohol brings on its own series of problems, and the chronic pain patient may drink throughout the day, complicating the effects of one or more of medications prescribed. Marijuana …

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Trauma in America

“There is a difference between angry people who become injured and injured people who become angry. The simple truth is that we do not know a great deal about a patient until that person is injured and enters care. Even then, we only know the injury. We cannot make the assumption that each case is …

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Men vs. Women

In my experience, males respond to many injuries and most assaults differently than do females. Males feel that their masculinity has been called into question by their signs of fear. They continually wonder why they did not manage the trauma more effectively and aggressively. If assaulted, men are prone to see their assailant as having …

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Restorative Sleep

Regarding sleep disorder among chronic back pain patients: Sleep studies are not always needed. However, is the patient napping during the day, or, at least attempting to do so, and complaining of lack of sleep. Recent research has shown that the most common form of pain management is an attempt to avoid the pain by …

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Insomnia & Recovery

A patient who does not sleep well is unlikely to fully participate in rehabilitation efforts, and the patient will be irritable, forgetful and unlikely to learn effective pain tolerance. Be aware that medications (called “hypnotics”) typically used for the treatment of sleep disorder are not truly “addictive”. They can be habit forming in the sense …

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Hypervigilance is a symptom. Vigilance is the ability to stay focused upon a task and/or concept for an extended period of …
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Contradiction “We read two of your consultation reports last month.  One said that the patient lost 20 pounds which was …
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Generalized Anxiety Anxiety is a milder form of fear, and as you know, fear is an essential emotion that protects us from …
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