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Lectures, Seminars and Workshops available to the business and professional community.

EducationEducation: Currently Available Topics

  • Psychological Aspects of Work-Related Injury
  • Mood Disorders Affecting Physical Pain
  • Personality Types in Medical Management
  • Overcoming Fear of Re-Injury
  • Catastrophic InjuriesSomatoform Disorders - Somatoform Pain and Conversion
  • Factitious disorders
  • Depression and Anxiety Complicating Recovery from Work Injury
  • Factors in Lumbar, Cervical & Carpal Tunnel Injuries
  • Posttraumatic and Acute Stress Disorders
  • Pre- and Post Surgical Cases: Psychological Complications and Solutions
  • The Aging Injured Worker
  • Personal Injury: Exacerbated, Exaggerated or Fabricated

Seminars are typically scheduled on Friday mornings, although alternate accommodations can be made for regional, annual, lunch and learn, or other special presentation needs.

To arrange a seminar, call Atlanta Medical Psychology at 404-252-6454 to determine date availability and coordinate media needs. Past audiences include:

  • The Georgia Board of Workers' Compensation
  • Institute of Continuing Legal Education
  • Georgia Association of Occupational Medicine
  • Georgia Nursing Association
  • Risk management associations
  • Nurse case management companies
  • Employers and insurers

Case Management Update

This Week's Topic:  “What’s Happened?”   

Question: “….for 8 years, loves his job, has recovered but is not mobilizing to return…”  

Dr. Adams replies:  “Let’s focus upon the fifth of five factors that slow the mobilization process:

1. The preventability of the injury - “should not have happened”

2. The perception that care was not timely and/or competent - “their doctors”

3. The belief that employer and coworkers are indifferent - “never hear from them”

4. Being told that the employer will ultimately fire the employee - “that’s what I’ve been told”

5. Feeling that return to work should not occur if there are residual physical symptoms - “I still hurt”

Being told or receiving information regarding rights and privileges of injured workers does little to allay the emotional aspects of fear, resentment and apprehension.  Instead, it may well create an adversarial role where, as yet, none exists.

When an individual is seeing a primary care physician, s/he feels that if s/he does not “feel better” in a few days, a return appointment can be made.

However, once released MMI (maximally medically improved) by the authorized treating physician (ATP), an injured worker may feel that a door/option has ended. 

The most common cause of this is not having a final interaction with the ATP in which the patient is reassured that there will be, temporarily or permanently, residual pain, that such pain has been taken into consideration when establishing a permanent and partial disability (PPD) rating. 

It is imperative in effective case management to be certain that the patient has a complete understanding of current mental and emotional status as seen by the treating providers.  



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Dr. David B. Adams is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology (ABPP) and specializes in the treatment of mood, anxiety and pain disorders in adults.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Adams consults to physicians, attorneys, employers and insurers in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, posttraumatic stress disorder, disability determination and psychological complications in work-related injuries. He performs stimulator-implant-candidacy evaluations.

Dr. Adams is a Distinguished Practitioner in the National Academy of Practice in Psychology, a member of the American Psychosomatic Society, and a platinum member of the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.

He is Fellow of the Academy of Clinical Psychology and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and it's Division of Psychologists in Independent Practice, the Division of Psychotherapy; the Society of Clinical Psychology, and the Academy of  Consultation Liaison Psychiatry.

Dr. Adams is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, and the University of Alabama with a postdoctoral fellowship from the Institute of Clinical Training of the Devereux Foundation (Philadelphia).

Dr. Adams is the author of greater than sixty articles on the impact of psychological functioning upon claims of disability. He is a well-known presenter of seminars and regional workshops, addressing the psychological aspects of physical disease and injury.

His practice is located in The Medical Quarters, adjacent to Northside, Scottish Rite and Emory Saint Joseph's Hospitals in north Atlanta.

Atlanta Medical Psychology
5555 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road, N.E.
The Medical Quarters - Suite 251
Atlanta, GA 30342-1703.
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