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Consultation Request Form

Dr. Adams performs pre-surgical, Disability, Workers Compensation and Fitness for Duty consultation on a case-by-case basis, and non-English speaking patients are accommodated.

Consultation requests are accepted from police, fire and other first responders, teachers, supervisors and administrators in school system and those in the business community.

The treating physician, nurse case manager, insurer, attorney or human resources department may schedule examinations by using this online referral form or downloading the referral form, written in Microsoft Word.

An employee, injured worker or their representative may initiate an appointment if the visit has been pre-authorized.

Once scheduled, the patient is sent an explanatory letter confirming date and time, a map with directions to the office, and contact information.

Patients should know, or bring a list of, all current medications, any items needed to enhance their comfort or vision, and $4.00 for parking lot charges.

  • A cafe is conveniently located on the ground floor.
  • Patients are seen alone unless an interpreter is needed (this office arranges interpreter services).
  • Examinations require approximately four hours of the patient‚Äôs time in-office. Only one evaluation is performed on any given day and thus, 72 business-hours notice of any change or cancellation is required.
  • The evaluation includes approximately one hour of clinical interview and approximately three hours of self-administered psychodiagnostic test instruments and inventories.
  • Patients are encouraged to take as many breaks as needed for their comfort.

Dr. Adams must also review current and past medical records whether related to physical or psychological care.

A psychodiagnostic evaluation precedes acceptance of injured workers into ongoing care since treatment cannot proceed without a solid base of information from which to design a treatment plan.

Dr. Adams makes every effort to complete examination reports within 24 hours unless medical records are copious or extenuating circumstances arise.

Please contact the office for further questions or information (404) 252-6454.



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