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Sleep: How do we deal with this low motivation example…he is late for most appointments, yet he insists that he very much wants to get back to work…what gives?”  Dr. Adams replies: “Is this patient sleeping sufficiently?  This can be critically important.  Adults need 7-9 hours per day. Sleep debt is the effect of not …

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Sleep and Pain Management

Sleep disruption due to alcohol dependence and abuse (Alcohol Use Disorders) are considered primary mental disorders. There may be a depressive disorder or somatic symptom (Cf. pain) existing concurrently with the alcoholism. The major depression is, for example, considered a co-morbid diagnosis. However, alcoholism cannot be the direct result of  an event. It is often …

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Iatrogenic disease is a condition which is caused by a physician (Iatros means “physician” in Greek, and -genic, …
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Distrust and Revenge

Cases sometimes “turn psychological” after all physical complaints are resolving, and the requirement is that …
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enmeshed family

The Enmeshed Family

Enmeshed Family Creation A distorted perception of the world, society, responsibility and goals can be created and maintained …
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