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Avoidant and Schizoid Patients

Avoidant individuals seek to retreat from the interactions in which they are placed. There are patients who develop a pattern of being completely compliant, saying very little, making no demands but simply not getting better. I have always referred to these as “invisible patients:” they make no commotion, they make no waves, they make few …

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The Avoidant Personality

Avoidant Personality Disorder: A middle aged woman who had been working in production struggles to find new work. She does not show for the interview, keeps her answering machine on and does not answer her cellphone. She lives alone, has never dated, and her parents are deceased. She lives in a very rural area, and …

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"Research on Psychological Factors in Pain"

“Psychosocial Factors May Predict Persistent Pain After Orthopaedic Trauma – J Pain. 2010;11:420-430. Psychosocial …
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Sexual Abuse

Impact of Trauma At the combined annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies and the American Academy of Pediatrics …
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Development:  Private patients come to me with truly remarkable past histories.   If you accept that those histories were …
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