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Goal Gradient

The Goal Gradient: Importantly, those who determine functional capacity, maximum medical improvement and/or permanent and partial disability, quite often have no understanding of the patient’s life either before or after settlement. The “goal gradient” is a concept from psychological learning theory in which our behavior increases the closer we get to a goal (settlement). An …

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Who Treats Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain: Assume an injured worker who is now in chronic pain. The patient is being treated at a pain management center. The patient is also depressed and referred for psychological care. The pain and the depression are seen as different problems, and treatment is divided between a pain management center and a psychologist. Quite often there is little …

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Distorted Renditions of Injury

When there is money involved, truthfulness in patient disclosure can become a concern. A study by the Research Council in …
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Injury Case Deterioration

A probable diagnosis can be made based upon medical records without actually seeing the patient. Police Departments, the …
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Truth: The Whole Truth

Truth: A patient contacted me with a specific request for pain management. He had read an article on a process to deal with …
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