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“The Acute/Chronic Differences” We use the experience of pain to signal that a problem exists and must be addressed. There are those who are unable to experience pain (Eg. congenital analgesia). It is a rare disorder, although there is a village in Sweden with a high incidence of the condition. For the rest of us, …

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“Antidepressant Medication”  The occurrence of a work-related injury can result in pain, financial devastation and destruction of family.  To relegate this upheaval to a dosage of the proper medication suggests that the patient cannot learn to solve the problems which have arisen.  I ask the patient “was your father ever depressed?”  The patient replies “Never! …

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The Wise and Skillful: He has spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease but tells everyone she has `herniated discs’ Why?   “We retain data in areas in which we have strong interest and/or strong responsibility.  We may know what constitutes a concerning temperature in a child without knowing the mechanism for fever.  We may know that …

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“What’s Happened?”   Let’s focus upon the fifth of five factors that slow the mobilization process: 1. The preventability of the injury – “should not have happened” 2. The perception that care was not timely and/or competent – “their doctors” 3. The belief that employer and coworkers are indifferent – “never hear from them” 4. Being …

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Religion: “2011 study (1) reports “that chronic pain is a devastating and widespread problem….a recent study of the American Institute of Medicine…chronic pain was found to affect at least 116 million American adults. …Two-thirds of the chronic pain sufferers experience moderate pain, while one-third experience severe pain (as rated on a 1-10 scale). The most …

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diagnoses II

Diagnoses – Part II

The most common disorder we see among injured workers is what is referred to as an Adjustment Disorder. Stressors for people …
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The Unsolvable Dilemma

There are some valid cases for which there can be no effective resolution. There are patients that have reached MMI, have …
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Depression Statistics

Here are some facts that relate to all individuals, followed by some that are specific to injured workers. One in 11 teens …
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