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Incompetence is considered a form of impairment; not in the sense of disability, but in the sense that the doctor is unable to effectively practice. Just as drugs, alcohol or psychosis can impair a practitioner, so can incompetence.

Incompetence is revealed in different ways in different professions:
a. Incompetent psychologists inaccurately diagnose and then keep patients in care for conditions that do not exist while missing disorders that do exist.
b. Incompetent surgeons…well, that’s a no brainer…the wrong procedure, delayed procedure, inadequately performed procedure…
c. Incompetent pain centers over prescribe, inappropriately prescribe and fail to fully understand the patient. They treat the subjective complaint of pain without knowing the patient that is reporting the pain.
d. Incompetent attorneys either abandon their clients or provide them biased data that angers, frightens or frustrates them, having no true concept of the patient’s life and suffering.
e. Incompetent employers are trying to trim costs in counterproductive ways by limiting access to care and contributing to the patient’s physical complaints.
f. Incompetent insurers vengefully limit access to care, procedures and even medications and will spend money on surveillance before spending money on diagnosis.
g. Incompetent nurse case managers lose clinical objectivity and fail to fully grasp the manipulative nature of the patient.

It is a very large health care community; you can readily find individuals who will competently assist with management of an injured worker.

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