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In the case of injured workers, the concept of _expectancy_ is incredibly important_essential.

When first injured, they expect an immediate recovery. After all, it is _only a sprain or a strain._

This is followed by expectation that mild/conservative care will resolve all symptoms.

Next is the expectancy that the first specialist they see will _fix it all._

Then there is the procession of expectancy from surgery, expectancy of recovery time and expectancy of functional capacity.

Importantly, there is also the expectancy of some form of cash reward from having endured it all_expectancy that the employer will be supportive or punished if he is uncaring_that coworkers will be empathetic and that the family will be patient and understanding.

As these expectancies are dashed, the emotional condition of the patient worsens.

Early in the process, their expectancies need to be examined, exposed and resolved.

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