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Post Holiday Behavior

Many injured workers do not have financial or emotion reserves to deal with an injury. They are quickly financially ruined and equally as quickly abandoned by employer, coworkers, friends and family.

The victimization does not stop here. They can arrive in medical offices where they are dismissed, denigrated, belittled and demeaned. They are ridiculed for complaints, told that “it cannot feel that bad” and kept waiting long hours in the waiting room only to be seen for 3 minutes…by a P.A.

And it gets worse, they are desperate and seek legal representation from someone who has no time to talk to them, does not return calls, and has a formula by which to manage cases that undermines the goals of the patient.

Case in point was a very nice middle aged woman sent several months ago for failed back.

Her attorney told her not to comply with the requirements of the visit. She did not wish to follow his dictates but was dependent. She begged him to relent. He would not. She left the office in tears.

Her benefits were suspended for noncompliance. She went into financial ruin. She applied for social security, but the same attorney offered her little information as to why she was twice declined.

Further, this same fellow had her not comply with orthopedic IMEs. She spiraled downward, ever dependent, increasingly depressed and in financial depletion.

In summary, the injured worker can be victimized as much after the accident as by the accident itself. We quite often do not fully know what goes on behind the scenes._

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