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Passive Aggression

Selecting doctors simply because they will release a patient as MMI is a decidedly poor concept.

This harkens to the concept of the _insurance company doctor._ Find someone who wants your business bad enough that clinical decisions are based upon your approval and not the patient_s clinical condition and needs.

Aside from obvious moral issues, there are also these issues:
a. You cannot trick someone out of having a disc herniation or other condition
b. A doctor who looks for your approval will not spend much time looking for a solution to the patient_s problems.
c. Anyone who does not hold the patient as the top priority, clearly communicates this lack of concern to the patient
d. Patients worsen when they feel demeaned, rejected and/or distrusted
e. Physical problems do not go away simply because you do not believe in them

These are not _tricks of the trade._ They do not result in a patient getting well, going back to work, and/or ceasing to suffer.

They most often result in patients becoming desperate and often then finding care that is nonproductive, possibly harmful_or, apparently your greatest concern, even more expensive.

Bottom line: Find quality providers who tell you the truth, even if you find that painful.

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