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The Psychopath

psychopathTo clarify terms first, the term “psychopath” refers to what is called anti-social personality disorder. That is the diagnostic category that refers to individuals who since at least the age of fifteen have shown a clear pattern of both disregard and violation of the rights of others. The term psychopath was filled with bias and misconception and confused with sociopath and other terms

The patient with anti-social personality disorder (“psychopath) Repeatedly engaging in acts that are grounds from arrest

Deceitfulness, conning others, use of false identities for personal profit and pleasure

Lack of future planning

Impulsive behavior

Reckless disregard to the safety of self or others

Failure to sustain consistent work behavior

Failure to honor financial obligations

Lack of remorse for having hurt, deceived or mistreated others

The patient cannot readily be redirected or punished since such individuals feel no guilt or shame.

Also they surround themselves with a combination of others just like them and those who are vulnerable to them.

Once you can document that this is what is occurring (i.e. this is their diagnosis), then you must insure that boundaries are well maintained to protect yourself and others from the inevitable and typically relentless manipulations.


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