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Simple Truths

A patient could/should be provided with ten simple truths and cautions that others may never have told them:

1. Do not use an injury to hide from greater problems in your life

2. Do not let an injury solve problems that you need to address yourself

3. Do not tell yourself you are depressed when you are actually angry and frustrated

4. It is your body, make certain you understand how it works

5. Do not think of your injury as a competition in which you prove someone else to be _wrong_

6. Do not use your injury as a weapon against the family

7. Be certain you fully understand the goal of any treatment to which you submit yourself

8. Be certain you understand that treatment may never restore you to where you were prior to injury

9. The opinions of others may be interesting but not necessarily accurate

10. This is your life, and ultimately, you are totally responsible for living it

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