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The Injured Worker Community

There are communities where injured workers congregate at local restaurants and share, if not boast, about their role in workers_ compensation. What do you make of this? Is this not irrational?”

Dr. Adams replies: The phenomenon is not unusual and not unexpected.

In rural areas, there is a higher proportion of seasonal labor workers. These individuals share vocations, lifestyles, and values in common. They are also often of similar socio-economic status. When one purchases a new vehicle or improves his/her residence, everyone else is aware.

In such a setting, when one person receiving medication, disability income or a cash settlement, it is often known by most of the community. It can become a _prestigious_ role since it obviates the need for daily employment, provides consistent income, and may result in a lump sum financial conclusion enabling an elevation within that small community.

It then becomes part of the daily lives of all as it is discussed and becomes valued.

This is extremely important to have evaluated since it may alter the goals and expectancies you have of the patient. It is often referred to as the _psychological milieu of recovery._

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