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Depression Detection

depression detection

When you realize that major depressive disorder is often missed during the course of routine health care, there needs to be an approach that assures early detection.

Need a quick and effective way to screen for detection of depression depression and a means to help remember what to look for?

Here is a mnemonic that I came across that effectively screens a patient for Major Depressive disorder:

S.P.A.C.E – R.A.G.S

S: Sleep disorder (increased somnolence or insomnia)
P: Pleasure (lack of = anhendonia)
A: Appetite (decreased or increased)
C: Concentration (decreased)
E: Energy (low)

R: Retardation (movement, thinking, etc. vs. agitation)
A: Agitation
G: Guilt
S: Suicidal Ideation

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