Category: The Sociology of Injury


Financial Advisor I have a patient who was injured >2 years ago. Despite three surgeries, she has not recovered sufficiently to work more than 3 hours per day. The financial losses are also significant. She has lost her home, her vehicles and more recently her marriage. She lives in a dangerous, unclean and depressing daily …

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Checkers vs. Chess: “It may be difficult to trace the origins of healthcare becoming a competitive sport where doctors and patients interchangeably attempt to manipulate each other. It may have begun innocently enough with patients being untruthful about their diet and exercise or doctors being frustrated that they had to jump through hoops to obtain payment from …

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Exit: Life after injury is not ideal, but it is often much like a paid vacation. The 1944 French novel “Huis Clos” (trans: “No Exit”), by existentialist Jean Paul-Sartre, was required reading in many French (and English) college curricula. The play essentially reminds us that there is no greater hell than being trapped with other people …

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Injury: If a wealthy man were to win the Lottery, his spending behavior is unlikely to be significantly altered. He was already in touch with his material and investment needs and was deprived of neither. A sudden influx of lottery money is most often applied to the same rules and limits that he has acquired. …

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Vice Grip

Vice-Grip: Within workers’ compensation there is continual pressure to address only that which seems immediately and plausibly related to injury. Any other assessment or treatment plan is denied. Indeed, even those complaints clearly related to injury may be denied, including tests, medications, and procedures. In this system we become conditioned that if it feels unrelated, then …

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Hypervigilance is a symptom. Vigilance is the ability to stay focused upon a task and/or concept for an extended period of …
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Contradiction “We read two of your consultation reports last month.  One said that the patient lost 20 pounds which was …
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Generalized Anxiety Anxiety is a milder form of fear, and as you know, fear is an essential emotion that protects us from …
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