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“Anti-depressant Medication Authorization”: “We cannot be certain that the cause of a patient’s alleged depression falls upon us. The patient could be depressed for a number of reasons, and we are not going to get caught up approving anti-depressants for these folks.” This is a very common source of resistance when patients were depressed before, during …

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Unmedicated: In the last half of the 20th century, the resistance to directly addressing psychological problems actually increased. We had a ready stream of medications that blamed and treated the brain for our various incapacities to deal with our lives. Some euphemistically referred to this as the Prozac Generation. Individuals, as a first response to …

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Commitment: “The most common reason for being referred for psychotherapy is to help resolve a conflict. This may be a family, occupational or social problem. We all have these, but when they rise to the level of interfering with daily functioning, they are referred to as a “disorder” and warrant care. Under workers’ compensation, the most …

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Probability: “When we do research, we run experiments to determine if what we do makes a difference. It not only must make a difference, but that difference must be statistically significant because some differences could merely occur by chance. For example if you flip a coin 20 times, you should get close to one-half heads …

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Treatment Resistance

The concern is “treatment resistance” mental disorder. In the scientific literature, there has been a 25 fold increase in the number of articles addressing treatment resistance. Treatment resistance is the failure to return to baseline and achieve a 50% reduction in symptoms even though effective dosage and sufficient duration of treatment has occurred. We have …

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Traumatic events: As an employer, do you want the employee back in the workforce before s/he has had ample time for treatment, …
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Freedom: It is important to look at the patient’s history of medical compliance. One of the forms patients complete …
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A psychological disorder by definition exists when there is an impairment in social and occupational functioning.  The individual …
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