Category: Personality Disorders

The Histrionic Patient

Dramatic, theatric and impressionistic behavior does not occur to this extent in _normal_ individuals. It is seen in histrionic (often referred to as hysterical) individuals (most often women, but certainly not always) in which there is a pattern of rapidly shifting and shallow emotions. These are the patients who can be agonizingly tearful and suddenly …

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Personality Disorders Explained

Personality is merely a term used to describe the sum total of characteristics that make us each unique. We each have a personality which is our style of interacting with our world. There are, however, _personality disorders_ in which the individual has developed a pattern of maladaptive ways of interacting that results in some degree …

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Return to Baseline

Personality disorders are interesting, but since they cannot arise from injury, why would we care if the patient has one? The interest is in attempting to return a patient to baseline functioning_how they were before they were injured. If they have a personality disorder of which you are unaware, your efforts to return them to …

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Dramatic Patients and Dramatic Symptoms

Repeatedly, I have had cases in which the patient is very dramatic about their symptoms, almost as though performing in front of a camera. They tend to do a large number of inappropriate things_they flirt with staff, they sometimes dress inappropriately, they have rapidly changing mood and anything they are asked about their condition, they …

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Absolute Chaos

After a lumbar fusion on a patient who had been briefly employed for his company, the patient was initially deeply appreciative of the surgeon….perhaps overly appreciative. Then, following surgery, he became suddenly and abruptly hostile, demanding, and began drug seeking, making accusations of malpractice and asked for a change of provider to a questionable surgeon. …

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Nervous:  To determine if a patient has had past psychological problems, there is a simply and inoffensive way of asking …
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Motivators & Occupation Are there some occupations that encourage recovery? For example, if you are an electrician, are …
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Resentment:  The vast majority of patients that are referred to me “in pain and depressed” have notable anger. …
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