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The shared delusions: When doing a history and physical, a rudimentary “psych” history is obtained. This is intended to rule out blatant and obvious psychopathology. It tells us very little about the patient. Indeed, our focus is limited to the patient’s chief chief complaint. As an injured worker passes through the paths of occupational medicine …

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Patient Candidacy

Candidacy: A patient may be depressed, phobic, have a traumatic disorder, illness anxiety disorder or a host of other mental or emotional problems. This does not mean that psychological care can help all patients even though they have the same disorder. There are matters of motivation, capacity to verbalize complaints, ability to develop intellectual insight …

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Surveillance as a Disincentive to Recovery “…he’s supposed to be disabled and here he was working in his yard, going for walks and playing ball with his kids…” Dr. Adams replies: Many believe that an injured worker, if truly disabled, cannot work and will not attempt any activity. On the other hand, if any patient …

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“Compromised Honesty“

Honesty and Integrity Patients in any specialty are selective in their history. Patients withhold information for a variety of reasons, but regardless of the reason, patients are rarely full disclosive.  Honesty and integrity become issues of concern. I recall seeing a couple for their pre-marital problems. The problem: He wanted to marry, and she did …

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The Vacation

Vacation Imposed by Injury Vacation mindset:  The path toward establishing a new habit is to repeat a behavior regularly until that behavior becomes part of a routine. This is how people develop skills, and how they can break bad habits. Anything done often enough soon becomes routine even a vacation. We have a longstanding concept …

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Financial Advisor I have a patient who was injured >2 years ago. Despite three surgeries, she has not recovered sufficiently …
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Recovering or Retribution We are a retaliatory species, and if someone causes harm to us, or to someone about whom we care, …
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Rx abuse

Rx abuse: We largely rely upon subjective assessments of pain. “How much does it hurt on a 1 to 10 scale?” I …
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