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Recovering or Retribution We are a retaliatory species, and if someone causes harm to us, or to someone about whom we care, we feel that we must respond in kind…or worse. Physical recovering does not appear to be sufficient. If it is a prosecutable criminal act, we want them jailed, fined or executed. If it …

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Freedom: It is important to look at the patient’s history of medical compliance. One of the forms patients complete in my office relates to their medical and dental health care maintenance. How often and how recently have they seen a dentist? Do they have annual physical exams? Is there a family history of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, …

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“A shipwreck…she has everything wrong with her…no one documents that this is a major factor in her recovery from injury.” “There are two significant problems as I see it, and they relate to far too many patients, including ourselves: 1. Years ago, if you did not have health insurance, you paid out of pocket. Many …

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Partial Malingering

A patient can have a valid disorder yet still be malingering (falsifying complaints for purposes of tangible gain). Malingering is not a clinical disorder and it is not a fixed point on a scale.  Partial malingering is under voluntary control. Many in the legal and healthcare arenas believe a person either is, or is not, …

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“The Psychology of Quitting” Follow the natural progression of any injury, occupational or home: Pain equates to initial shock and disbelief, rapidly followed by self-assurance derived from the reassurance of others that we will be fine in time. When the pain becomes more than a simple “sprain” and recovery will take days or weeks, we …

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Hypervigilance is a symptom. Vigilance is the ability to stay focused upon a task and/or concept for an extended period of …
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Contradiction “We read two of your consultation reports last month.  One said that the patient lost 20 pounds which was …
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Generalized Anxiety Anxiety is a milder form of fear, and as you know, fear is an essential emotion that protects us from …
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