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Harm:  There may be an unwritten policy to disallow “psychic” claims. The term “psychic”, by definition, means phenomena that are inexplicable by natural laws or relating to the soul or mind. Applying that term to the psychological aftermath of injury has always seemed inapplicable and inappropriate to what is clinically occurring to those in pain. …

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Candidate: “When it became mandated that all patients seeking implant trial (whether pump or stimulator) be psychologically evaluated, I was pleased yet surprised. Pleased that there was an awareness that each patient has different psychological capacity to tolerate an implant trial. And I was surprised that anyone noticed that this was true. Between the pain …

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Persistent & Severe: “There are some terms that continue despite their not being accurate descriptors. A “cold” or a “stomach ache” or “a sore back” are such terms. They tell us little about either the source or the extent of the discomfort and suffering. Chronic pain is such a term. We are familiar with pain, and …

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Co-Morbid Patients who are taking prescribed narcotics for their chronic pain are exposed to a system in which the following is true: a. Time spent with the patient is specifically targeted at the site of the pain and not the person who has the pain. b. Although drug testing can determine if the patient is …

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Feeling Their Pain

Feeling the misery of others is a dubious task. Many patients feel that none of their friends, family or prior co-workers appreciate the extent and intensity of their pain. These patients may find themselves placed in chronic pain support groups, just as there are groups for other human conditions from smoking to gambling. However, the question must be asked as to whether support groups enable the patient a new means of feeling, …

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A psychological disorder by definition exists when there is an impairment in social and occupational functioning.  The individual …
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“Cynicism is an attitude or state of mind characterized by a general distrust of others’ apparent motives believing …
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“Anti-depressant Medication Authorization”: “We cannot be certain that the cause of a patient’s …
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