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Police Officers

I treat police officers and have for three decades. They have some of the most serious and alarming of all physical injuries of all those occurring on the job. Police officers quite often present with a combination of major depressive and post traumatic stress disorders. These diagnoses are most often missed by those treating their …

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Related to injury? I asked a patient how she was coping with pain. She stated that she continued to have significant neck, shoulder and leg pain from her fall. She then added “oh, I might as well tell you, no one else cares…my son has been arrested, my daughter is pregnant, and I am facing …

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Law firms have online bullet lists as to when, how and why to fire your attorney. There are an equal number of citings as to why and how an attorney can and should fire a client. There is less discussion of the underlying client motivation/rationale for firing his/her attorney. The focus is, instead, upon legal …

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  There is a top 10 list of concerns among injured workers which I can paraphrase: I have a GED, and they believe I understand terms like “herniation, vertebrae, vascular, necrosis, radiculopathy, nerve involvement, degenerative disease” … They put me on pain killers immediately after surgery and then stopped them. They won’t discuss this concern …

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Empathy Sympathy

Empathy vs. Sympathy Empathy, sympathy and compassion are often poorly understood, inadequately defined and easily confused. Empathy and sympathy are emotions that serve two different but related functions. In the case of sympathy, you feel for the patient; you feel sorry for them but may not necessarily understand fully what they are experiencing. You may …

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Alexithymia: “A patient and his wife were sitting in front of me. The issue was that he was physically abusing her, …
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Co-Morbid Patients who are taking prescribed narcotics for their chronic pain are exposed to a system in which the following …
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bad actors

Bad Actors

Bad actors: You do not have to be a nice person to be a police officer. You do not have to have self-insight, a good philosophy …
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