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A psychological disorder by definition exists when there is an impairment in social and occupational functioning.  The individual cannot perform work duties and meeting family responsibilities. To believe that a person has no pre-existing, concurrent or resultant family problems after injury, is akin to believing that diabetes has no impact upon wound healing. All are …

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Development:  Private patients come to me with truly remarkable past histories.   If you accept that those histories were the development and foundation for adult problems, these problematic childhoods seem obvious. But injured workers are rarely those who would seek psychological care had it not been for their injuries, yet the history of life events among …

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Divorce:  While the source of post-injury disharmony is most often financial, there are more insidious problems that arise after injury. And they are less easily resolved. While it is theoretically possible for injury to drive emotional closeness – the healthy partner nurtures the injured partner – in the real world, injury often drives them to …

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Work Ethic

Work Ethic Most species including man have a genetic need to work and play; a work ethic. You see examples not only of mammals engaged in both but also reptiles, birds and insects. In effect, we all have work to perform and are not emotionally or biologically fulfilled in the absence of work. Even toddlers …

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Financial Advisor I have a patient who was injured >2 years ago. Despite three surgeries, she has not recovered sufficiently …
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Recovering or Retribution We are a retaliatory species, and if someone causes harm to us, or to someone about whom we care, …
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Rx abuse

Rx abuse: We largely rely upon subjective assessments of pain. “How much does it hurt on a 1 to 10 scale?” I …
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