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“Please read articles associated with Evidence Based Practice.   It entails “applying the best available research results (evidence) when making decisions about health care. Health care professionals who perform evidence-based practice use research evidence along with clinical expertise and patient preferences.” The weak link in this equation can be “clinical expertise.” Evidence based practice must …

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“You should find the articles below of interest in understanding the emotional response to amputation and the gender differences in psychological reactions to loss of body part.  When I was a kid, I had a barber named “Johnny,” and he owned a barbershop that was creatively named:  “Johnny’s Barber Shop.”   Johnny was doing quite …

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“It is more difficult for well-educated middle class people who come from intact families to identify with patients who have had to struggle to survive.  So the first question I ask patients is whether they come from an intact family, and if not, what events conspired to result in their not being reared by biological …

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Purpose Soon after asking why something has occurred, the most common follow-up thought is “what purpose does this serve…why do I deserve to suffer…who caused this…and if it was caused by me…what am I supposed to learn from this terrible event. Humans do not cope well with the concept of random events.  If we cannot …

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“Pain Behavior Research” “The self-perception of illness and disability is more correlated with unhealthy coping strategies and depression than it is with the actual physical damage.  This is why we see such a range in pain behaviors among our patients. When we can rule-out malingering, we are left with an awareness that we cannot understand …

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Patient Who Do Not Mobilize

The patient is released by the authorized treating physician_benefits cease_they still do not mobilize. To better understand …
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Perpetuating Dependency

Patient Dependency THE FAMILY: The family should facilitate recovery, but my experience has been that most often it facilitates …
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“Anti-depressant Medication Authorization”: “We cannot be certain that the cause of a patient’s …
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