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Psychology of Injury, Pain, Anxiety and Depression


Persistent & Severe: “There are some terms that continue despite their not being accurate descriptors. A “cold” or a “stomach ache” or “a sore back” are such terms. They tell us little about either the source or the extent of the discomfort and suffering. Chronic pain is such a term. We are familiar with pain, and …

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Probability: “When we do research, we run experiments to determine if what we do makes a difference. It not only must make a difference, but that difference must be statistically significant because some differences could merely occur by chance. For example if you flip a coin 20 times, you should get close to one-half heads …

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Division of Labor

Division of Labor: For any health problem that is not considered an emergency, the primary career physician is our first stop supermarket. If s/he sees the problem as beyond his ability to diagnose and treat, we may be referred elsewhere, but he remains our primary contact person. He compiles all data from tests and second opinion, …

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Alexithymia: “A patient and his wife were sitting in front of me. The issue was that he was physically abusing her, but she felt that she would be worse-off without him. I asked him how he felt after he harmed her. He said “I feel bad”. I asked him how he felt before he struck …

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Co-Morbid Patients who are taking prescribed narcotics for their chronic pain are exposed to a system in which the following is true: a. Time spent with the patient is specifically targeted at the site of the pain and not the person who has the pain. b. Although drug testing can determine if the patient is …

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Compliance: His wife called and said that he has been very depressed. So we scheduled him for an appointment. He has failed …
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Commitment: “The most common reason for being referred for psychotherapy is to help resolve a conflict. This may be …
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Mis-Management: Many psychological complications arise from case mis-management when clear signs of emerging problems go …
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