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Vice Grip

Vice-Grip: Within workers’ compensation there is continual pressure to address only that which seems immediately and plausibly related to injury. Any other assessment or treatment plan is denied. Indeed, even those complaints clearly related to injury may be denied, including tests, medications, and procedures. In this system we become conditioned that if it feels unrelated, then …

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Following a psychological report can be laborious. Logically, diagnostic reports should begin with conclusions and recommendations followed by all the data that supports those findings. However, clinicians write reports for review by other clinicians. And they most often follow a specific path which was part of their training. They begin with the patient’s presentation and …

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Compliance: His wife called and said that he has been very depressed. So we scheduled him for an appointment. He has failed to show for almost all appointments. A spouse may be more aware of a change in mood than the authorized treating physician. Because a wife feels her husband is depressed is not sufficient to …

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Commitment: “The most common reason for being referred for psychotherapy is to help resolve a conflict. This may be a family, occupational or social problem. We all have these, but when they rise to the level of interfering with daily functioning, they are referred to as a “disorder” and warrant care. Under workers’ compensation, the most …

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Mis-Management: Many psychological complications arise from case mis-management when clear signs of emerging problems go unnoticed. Missing the need for psychological assistance can be decidedly easy and difficult to fault: a. The ATP (authorizing treating physician) can exclusively focus upon the physical pathology, limitations, functional capacity, and objective need for post-injury treatment. S/he can ignore any …

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Relatedness to injury: There are far too many times that when treating an injured worker, I come upon serious health problems …
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Injury: If a wealthy man were to win the Lottery, his spending behavior is unlikely to be significantly altered. He was already …
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Gain: “The concept of secondary gain is a frequently addressed observation as to the benefits a patient receives from …
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