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Psychology of Injury, Pain, Anxiety and Depression


Naivete: He refuses MRI and CT scan saying that he would prefer not to know. A patient was referred to me who had completed surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  His wife and his oncologist were very frustrated that he was declining a followup CT scan to determine the status of the tumor. The patient told me …

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“Prepared” ….if I had paid attention…if he had known what he was doing…if I could do it all over…if only I had known… If you expect the very worst from life, you are a pessimistic; totally no fun and likely no one will hang out with you. Then again if you are eternally optimistic, and your …

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Ability vs. Disability: While total disability means the injured or ill worker cannot work at all, PPD (permanent partial disability) means that there is a permanent impairment.  With this permanent impairment, the worker is perceived as not being able to work at full capacity, no future ability. While this number, often a percentage, differs among …

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The helping professions were, at one time, recruited from those who made the declaration that “I just like helping people. I have compassion.” That perspective, academic grades and admission test scores would be instrumental in getting into nursing, medicine, etc. The youthful enthusiasm of taking on the emotional burden of suffering individuals does, however, take …

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Truth: The Whole Truth

Truth: A patient contacted me with a specific request for pain management. He had read an article on a process to deal with chronic pain, and he, like his mother, suffered from diffuse pain which someone had diagnosed as fibromyalgia. In the intake process, he withheld a great deal of data regarding childhood trauma and …

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Epidemic: Risky prescribing practices have resulted in an epidemic of opioid misuse, abuse, and harm.  Poor and outdated …
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Those most likely to be injured are laborers whose work involves repetitive and often strenuous tasks, with definable risk …
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Marriage has become a transient in the lives of many. And while there are several reasons why marriages are terminated, infidelity …
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