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Psychology of Injury, Pain, Anxiety and Depression


Trauma: Soldiers killed in the line of  duty was the foundation for what we now call acute and chronic posttraumatic stress disorder. Combatants (and civilian first responders) bear witness to the potential or actual death of coworkers.  The disorder can also occur among those hearing details of the traumatic events. It can arise in family or …

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Reinjury fear: An unresolved orthopedic injury leads to the belief, strengthened over time that any use of the affected area will result in pain. The concept of use becomes associated with a fear of the onset of pain. This belief is the gateway between the acute pain of injury and the chronic pain that characterizes …

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Being needful and being dependent are not the same thing. After meeting the basic needs of life, the next concern is whether life will be, in some form, unique or special. The idea of being commonplace and ignorable is a painful reality for most people. The thought that their lives will be mundane and forgettable …

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Medication: ”A competent and ethical prescriber must consider two factors at the same time: am I providing pain relief, but also is this patient drug seeking and appropriately using these drugs? Even though patients are increasingly looking at non-drug treatment alternatives. These include physical therapy, injections and massage. Prescribers may high endorse those alternatives, having …

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”The common response when first meeting someone is “and what do you do?”  Although the temptation is to reply “well, as little as I can,” most individuals respond with their job title, profession or business.  We are seen, and see ourselves, in terms of that which we do to earn a living. The science of …

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“Disobedience” :  $290 billion is the estimated cost of medication to the US healthcare system each year. In …
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Injured women more likely to become depressed

A significant number of women in the general population may have undiagnosed and untreated mood disorders and anxiety, a …
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What Examination Tells Us

The clinical interview determines the patient developmental, health, and occupational histories as well as perceptions of …
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